Breathtaking Russia: Historical Travel Destinations

Russia is a vast country. It has an area about the size of the US, but it also has more than twice as many people living in its borders. This means that there are plenty of Historical Travel Destinations to choose from! Russia’s history spans back thousands of years and you will find Historical Places all over this vast nation. So where should you start? Wherever you want! Here are just some Historical Places in Russia that are well worth visiting:

Red Square –  This Historical Place is located in the center of Moscow. It’s a large city square where you will find St. Basil’ s Cathedral and Lenin’s Mausoleum, as well as many Historical Buildings that surround it.

St Petersburg – This Historical City has been called “The Venice Of The North.” It was founded by Peter The Great back in 1703 and throughout its history it has seen war, famine, revolution and economic crashes- yet this Historical Destination still remains standing! You can take boats through the rivers (similar to what they did years ago), try out authentic Russian food at one of their many cafes or go on tours around some Historical Places such as Catherine Palace, Church Of Our Savior On Spilled Blood and more! 

St. Basil’s Cathedral – This Historical Building in Moscow is known for its unique onion-shaped dome and colorful exterior. It was built in 1555, but has undergone many renovations throughout the years. This Historical Destination is definitely worth visiting!

Lake Baikal – Lake Baikal is about half a million years old and it’s actually considered to be one of the largest lakes on Earth (by volume). The water here comes from melting glaciers that feed into this Historical Waterway, which means you can see all kinds of wildlife like wolves, bears and more while exploring this vast area. 

The Kremlin – This Historical Site is located in the center of Moscow just like Red Square. This Historical Destination has been around for years, but it was renovated after being damaged during World War II and this Historical Place now looks better than ever! You can visit churches, palaces and more at this Historical destination so you are definitely going to want to check it out. 

Kizhi Pogost – This area is actually a UNESCO site- which means that there are plenty of attractions here that have been recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific And Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The Kizhi Pogost first became famous because of its beautiful wooden architecture; however other Historical Places surrounding it also make this an amazing place worth checking out. There’s no shortage of Historical Places to visit in Russia!

State Hermitage Museum – This Historical Museum is located in St. Petersburg and it’s one of the largest museums on Earth! It first opened its doors back in 1764 so you can imagine that there are plenty Historical Places for you to visit here at this Historical Destination.

Winter Palace – You can also visit Historical Places at this Historical Museum, which is located in the center of St. Petersburg. This Historical Palace was originally built back in 1732 and it has been known as a museum ever since 1852!